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Where to get training for Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is a framework used for the development of websites and applications with the help of PHP codes. It is a simple yet efficient toolkit and developers use to create high-end and detailed website applications.

Codeigniter helps in the rapid completion of projects. Alongside, it does not require many codes so make it simple for the developer. Another point to consider, it is creative and the inherent interface makes it a lot easier to understand.

Codeigniter training in noida

Programmers also have access to functions that are extravagant and quick. The next question that arises is how to use Codeigniter in an effective way and where to learn it from?

Well,PHPTPOINT provides Codeigniter training in Noida to help developers get better at using such tools with ease. The course assists the students on the proper usage to its full potential under trained experts. From how to use it to use every interface provided in the toolkit, our faculty will help you both practically as well as theoretically. PHP T point also provides students with the high-end tool kit for better understand and training purposes.

Learn the basics during Codeigniter
training in Noida

Small Footprint : The size of the Codeigniter framework is about 2 MB and it turns
quick to master Codeigniter, along these lines, abridges the deploy and update.

Blazing fast : With the help of Codeigniter, it hardly takes 50 ms as well as decreases the time taken in optimizing that you have observed in various other frameworks.

Loosely coupled : Codeigniter built-in features are intended in such a way to work autonomously rather than depending on any other mechanisms. This way gets simple to hold and create upgrades.

MVC architecture : It is based on model-view-controller architectural design and MVC helps in dividing the records, business logic, and performance.

So, what are you waiting for, connect with Phptpoint today

  • Our faculty will make sure that the student is clear with each and every step and come to aid wherever they face difficulty.

  • With experience in the industry of over 10 years, they will also help you on how you can make a mark in the market and the various career options that would be made available, also how to grow in the industry.

  • We, at Codeigniter training in Noida also provide study materials and step by step tutorial of how the tool kit works. So, the students are also able to practice independently.

  • We envision them to grow and just guide them as to how they can explore more and focus on their development.

Planning for the Codeigniter training in Noida? Then, just enroll in this course and become the most renowned developer or programmer.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a job in top IT firms and earn your desired salary.

So, the decision lies in your hand now. We at PHP T Point can help you to become the best version of yourself and follow your dreams.

CodeIgniter Course Contents (20hrs)
  • Why Framework
  • Introduction to MVC
  • Folder Structure
  • Configuration Setting
  • Routing Controllers

  • Introduction Of Controller
  • CI_ Controller , Request Parameters ,Actions
  • Controller Methods & Attributes
  • Creating Core Controller Class
  • Views

  • Creating Views
  • Layouts (Use Image, CSS, Bootstrap, JS)
  • Calling in controller
  • Helpers (Form Helper , HTML Helpers) in Views
  • Models

  • Creating Model
  • How to Load in controller
  • Calling in Controller
  • Apply The Business logic
  • Creating Core Model Class
  • Helpers

  • Introduction
  • How to load Helper
  • Apply To Controller and Views
  • Creating Own Helper
  • How to override other Helper
  • Libraries

  • How to load Library
  • Apply to Controller and Model
  • Creating Own Library
  • How to override other Libraries
  • Database

  • Introduction
  • How to load Library
  • How to Configure
  • Active Records and Query Builder
  • CRUDS operation (Create Insert Update Delete and Search)
  • Important

  • Form Validation
  • Session
  • Pagination
  • Uploading
  • Autoload Configuration Setting
  • How to remove index.php using .htaccess
  • Live Project Implementation using Codeigniter

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